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Life happens! No matter who we are, what we've accomplished in our lives, what socioeconomic class we belong to, how educated we are, life happens! Life is filled with many unexpected and life-altering experiences. That's where I come in. My hearts desire is to assist my clients through those difficult and challenging times in life so they can "bounce back" and get to living the lives they desire. There is a resolution and I'd be honored to help you find it.


Haven of Hope is committed to establishing an authentic, attuned and empathic rapport with clients. Every week, a collaborative effort is effectuated to find solutions to the issues in which clients are confronted. Haven of Hope's services are tailored to meet each client at the point of their need because though many will experience some of the same issues, each client will experience issues in their very own way. Cookie-cutter services are not rendered here! My utmost goal is to specifically tailor treatment plans to each client and to ensure that clients feel heard, their experiences validated, and most of all, understood.

In most instances we need someone to listen to our experience and help us make sense of it. If our life experiences do not make sense to us, we often become stuck and unable to proceed forward. My desire is to co-pilot the full journey with my client, no matter how turbulent, until he or she is capable of taking the controls and flying solo!


Turn your relationship into a success story. Build a strong, happy marriage by investing in a PREPARE-ENRICH Relationship Assessment. Prepare-Enrich has been around for many years and has proven to be an extremely beneficial resource to help married and engaged couples establish stronger relationships and get to know each other like never before. A conflictual or problematic relationship is nothing more than a blank canvas for couples to paint a new masterpiece of the relationship desired. If you need a Certified PREPARE-ENRICH Facilitator, look no further! 


Haven of Hope Counseling Services

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Bobette Jamison-Harrison, M.S., LMFT

Mailing Address: 1455 W. Willow Street, Long Beach, CA 90810

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

BBS License No. 115862


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